Tom O’Doherty

Design: print, web, video, text

Recent work:

Recent web work
Web branding, design, and development work.
Jason Ellis (sculptor) · Linda Buckley (composer) · Ros Kavanagh (photographer)
Identity, branding, and promotional work for event series presenting durational and time-based contemporary art.
Invitation · Poster 1 · Poster 2 · Poster 3
Identity, promotional, and book design work for sound art project.
Exhibition signage · Flyers · Podcast design, branding, and launch · Press release design · Book design: View 1 · View 2 · View 3
Identity, branding, and promotional work for international training program for performance art, choreography, and dance.
Poster · Flyer · Promotional video 1 · Promotional video 2
Communications work for arts organisation.
Print advertising (magazine) · Email newsletter design · Promotional poster 1 · Promotional poster 2 · Flyer (front and rear) · Web design, copywriting and content strategy (blog, website, social media)

Further work:

Further print work
Promotional material and posters (design, art direction, photography).
Nicola Bullock: Imago · Ausland: Nearness · Donovan, Hindi, Walsh: Murder Dance · This is not music · FVvSD/Otolitos · KvT/Agente Costura · Corkonian Dancers’ Front: Mighty Craic · Trash Palace
Further video work
Video design work for arts projects.
Theater o.N.: Klangquadrat (video editing, titles) · Theater o.N.: Schnürchen (video editing, titles) · Grimmuseum: Neither Here Nor There (video editing, titles) · P.O.R.C.H.: A poetic introduction (directing, shooting, editing)