Tom O’Doherty

Design: web, video, print, text ·

Recent work:

Social media presence, branding, web design and development, video design and authoring, content strategy, print design, copywriting.
Since 2017, I have managed all aspects of the online presence of Ponderosa, a queer-centric countryside space for art and dance close to Berlin. This work has included communications and marketing, social media planning and strategy, video production, copywriting, and all related tasks.
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Branding, web design and development, video design and authoring, content strategy, print design, social media, copywriting.
P.O.R.C.H. is a study program for young artists and choreographers, based at Ponderosa. This cohesive identity for the program, incorporating web, video, print, social media, and text, aims to present the aspects that make this a unique encounter for artistic minds and bodies.
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Theater o.N.
Video editing, translation, copywriting.
A series of short videos for recent productions by Theater o.N., a Berlin theatre mainly presenting stage productions for young children.
Klangquadrat · Schnürchen · FRATZ Festival 2019 Trailer
Jason Ellis
Web design and development, content strategy.
This website, for Irish sculptor Jason Ellis, is built to foreground rich and captivating images of his work. The minimalist, neutral approach of the layout ensures that the striking forms of Ellis’s work can predominate, while ensuring that the frame in which they are presented is coherent and intelligible.
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Linda Buckley
Web design and development, content strategy.
This website, for composer Linda Buckley, gives a comprehensive overview of her work alongside recent news and updates.
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Identity, promotional, web design, print design.
This expansive design work for a sound-art project includes collating material and presenting it across numerous contexts, including online, in print, in exhibitions and events, and more. It has included both promotional and presentational design work, related both directly to the work and to its context.
Book design: View 1 / View 2 / View 3 · Exhibition signage · Flyers · Podcast · Website (artist) · Website (project)
Branding, print design, identity design.
Identity, branding, and promotional work for an event series presenting durational and time-based contemporary art.
Invitation · Poster 1 · Poster 2 · Poster 3
Other print projects
Print design, art direction, photography.
Promotional material and posters for numerous events and series.
Nicola Bullock: Imago · Donovan, Hindi, Walsh: Murder Dance · This is not music · FVvSD/Otolitos · KvT/Agente Costura · Corkonian Dancers’ Front: Mighty Craic · Trash Palace · Ausland: Nearness